Samara O'Shea


My sincere apologies to those of you who received an e-mail from me saying I’m in Malaysia. I’m safe and sound in my house. I’m a little embarrassed, but other than that I’m fine! I’ve reported the spam incident to G-mail and am waiting for it to be resolved.

I’ve heard from so many people in the past three hours with calls and texts saying “Are you okay?” Reader Stephanie left this comment on the blog entry below: “Samara, your email’s been hacked! I got a terrible email from your address (with your signature, even) asking for money. It didn’t even capitalize the I’s.”

“It didn’t even capitalize the I’s,” made me howl. Thanks Stephanie! It’s nice to know that if I did end up in Malaysia accidentally that so many people would send money for my safe return. You guys are the best. Enjoy your weekend!