Samara O'Shea

Modern Love Rejects Update

When MLR first launched, we posted an essay a day for about a month and a half. It was a great way to start off. Things have waned since then, but the essays still trickle in. Someone with an 1800-2000 word rejected essay always manages to find our site.

We’ve had a good week this week—four fantastic essays have gone up. Stop by and read if you have a chance. Here’s a synopsis of each in reverse chronological order:

When the Married Boyfriend is Dying – The title here is pretty self-explanatory. The writer was involved in an affair that lasted for fifteen years! But when her lover discovered he had stage four liver cancer, she was devastated when she realized she wouldn’t be the one holding his hand in the hospital.

Savior – This is one of the best “The One Who Got Away” stories I’ve heard. The writer and her boyfriend came very close to death while on a bus heading to a free love hippie festival in Arizona. It took her a long time to recover physically and even longer to get over him.

My Freeloading Renaissance Man – This essay had me screaming “Nooooo! Don’t let him move in!” It’s crazy what people will do when they think they’re in love.

Friends with Benevolence – Trying to figure out if and how you can be friends with your ex is difficult. This gal’s ex comes through for her during a dark hour. Warning: A dog chokes to death in this essay. It’s very sad.