Samara O'Shea

32 and Beyond


I turned 32 last Thursday. Reader Mike sent me this postcard while he was vacationing in Paris. Merci beaucoup! Although it’s wasn’t a big birthday (meaning a multiple of five), it was fun and memorable just the same. I’ve come to the conclusion that I have a good chance of living to be 100. I’m a woman (we tend to live longer than men), I don’t smoke, I’ve cut soda out all but completely (except at parties when there’s not much else to drink), I walk regularly, do yoga, and I’m an optimist. Plus medicine is advancing all the time.

Coming to this conclusion has made me want to take even better care of myself. If I am granted the gift of a long life, I want my body and brain to be fully functional until the last day. Here are two of my favorite stories about centenarians:

Nebraska’s Sally Gordon To Retire At 102

As 103-Year-Old Dies, Her Reading Circle Mourns

At the same time, I know it could all end tomorrow. If it does, then I am very happy with what I’ve done thus far and am ever grateful for the people I know. But if I’ve got 68+ more years in me, then there’s much more to do and many more people to meet!