Samara O'Shea

Letters are Letters

A friend sent this article to me: You Never Write Anymore; Well, Hardly Anyone Does. I feel like we’ve been reading articles about how no one writes letters anymore for the past five years. Letters may be going, going but they are certainly not gone! I guess it goes without saying that I don’t think they will disappear altogether. They are still one-of-a-kind-communication.

My favorite quote from the article: “‘E-mails are something quick,’ he said. ‘Letters are letters. When I’m writing a letter to a friend, it’s a personal note. You can’t send an email saying ‘hey, sorry to hear you lost your father.'” Exactly!

And here’s the Obama Campaign’s Letter of the Week. (If the opposing candidate has a LOTW I’ll link to that, too. But let’s wait until we’re down to one opposing candidate. . .)