Samara O'Shea

. . .As it Seems

I was Googling an old friend last week and happened upon a shocking story. Vicky Ward is a wonderful woman I met at Grace Church in Manhattan circa 2003. Her and her husband Matthew were members, as was I. I knew her in passing for a few years before I knew she was a writer. A major writer! She writes for Vanity Fair and was an editor at Talk magazine back in the day. When my first book was published she was kind enough to give me a quote for the jacket. In recent years she’s written a book called The Devil’s Casino, about the fall of Lehman Brothers.

As I said, I Googled her last week—just wondering what she was up to–and found this: My scandalous (and VERY public) divorce. I um, er, having nothing to say. To read a story like this is one thing. To read it when you knew that parties involved is another. I should write Vicky a letter. At the end of the article she says she’s doing well, and I truly hope she is. This, to me, is a great reminder that nothing is as it seems. . .