Samara O'Shea

Village Post Offices

Village Post Offices have become the norm in Germany: The Postal Service in Germany Reinvents Itself. And it looks like the US might want to go in a similar direction:USPS Revising Plan for “Village Post Offices”

A Village Post Office is a when a retailer teams up with the Post Office and sells stamps and sends packages from the store. The term “Village Post Office” sounds sweet and endearing, and if it keeps post offices alive then I guess I’m all for it. I’ll just miss the regal Post Office experience—walking into a building with Grecian columns and the sense of a stately operation. Or, in small towns, I’ll miss the cozy, community experience of the Post Office. I’m probably mourning too soon. Not all of the post offices are going away—only some. The stately ones in large cities will most likely stick around. We’ll see. The season is changing. The dust will settle, and we’ll see where it lands.

If you want to start your own Village Post Office, here’s the contact info.