Samara O'Shea

Go With the Flow

“There are cycle of success, when things come to you and thrive, and cycles of failure, when they wither and disintegrate, and you have to let them go in order to make room for new things to arise or for transformation to happen.

If you cling and resist at this point, it means you are refusing to go with the flow of life, and you will suffer. Dissolution is needed for new growth to happen. One cycle cannot exist without the other.

The down cycle is absolutely essential for spiritual realization. You must have failed deeply on some level or experienced some deep pain or loss to be drawn to the spiritual dimension. Or perhaps your very success became empty and meaningless and so turned out to be failure.

Failure lies concealed in every success, and success in every failure. In this world . . . everybody ‘fails’ sooner or later and every achievement eventually comes to naught. All forms are impermanent.”

~ Eckhart Tolle, Practicing the Power of Now