Samara O'Shea

The Mortified Sessions

I spent my holiday weekend being thankful for two things 1. The unseasonably gorgeous weather and 2. The people I know. I feel fortunate to have genuine, kind, creative, and loyal people in my life–friends and family alike. I’ll try to sing some of their praises this week. I’ll start with my friend Dave, who will host a TV show on the Sundance Channel beginning on December 5th.

Just about 10 years ago, Dave launched a project called Mortified. Mortified is many things. It started as a stage show, it’s also a book (two books), and a series of youtube videos. Mortified is a celebration of the awkward letters, journal entries, photos, and other ephemera we amass during our adolescent years. Here’s how the website explains:

“The project began in the late 1990s when founder Dave Nadelberg unearthed a notably awkward love letter and began sharing with friends. Formalizing as Mortified in 2002 with co-producer Neil Katcher, the project has since sifted through thousands of volumes of otherwise forgotten notebooks, photos, and envelopes in an effort crack the lid off our cultural shoebox and expose our inner geek. Participants include a wide range of people, from professional performers (comics, celebrities, singers) to total amateurs (architects, ad execs, salesmen) all in the noble pursuit of personal redemption through public humiliation.”

The next chapter for Mortified is a show on the Sundance Channel called The Mortified Sessions, in which Dave interviews celebrities about their awkward days growing up. He told me about the show earlier this year, and I’m impressed that it has come together so quickly. The big premiere is only a week from today. Congratulations my friend!