Samara O'Shea

Walden Pond 2.0

On Saturday, two simple things happened: 1. I wrote a letter on behalf of a woman who was apologizing to her high school sweetheart 40 years after breaking his heart. It was the most meaningful letter I’ve written in a while. I hope she tells me what his reaction is, and I hope it’s positive. I can’t imagine he’d still be bitter, but you never know.

And 2. I read this article: Getting Far, Far Away From It All. I’m sure I’m repeating myself, but I think our greatest loss in the age of technology is solitude. People don’t have to be alone if they don’t want to be and that’s not good. We need to be alone–savoring the silence–to connect with ourselves and recharge.

The article is about people who seek extreme, sometimes month-long solitude. I’m thrilled to hear that it’s happening this day in age. Ideally, I’d like to live in complete silence/solitude for Lent. As a young professional this is unlikely, I don’t have that much vacation time nor could I justify taking 40 days at once. But I could start with a week-long retreat. I’d probably have to ease myself into 40 days anyway. It’s something to aspire to. From the article:

“Going into a retreat is really about breaking down the constructs of you. The whole idea is for you to take a very close look at the you you have become in your mind. The you you are in your real mind isn’t necessarily the real you.”