Samara O'Shea

The Art of Listening

Reader Lark sent this article to me. Thank you! It’s called The Art of Listening.

This coincides with a new practice I’ve taken up: Yin Yoga. Yoga emphasizes the need to listen in general, and it also teaches one how to listen directly to his or her body. Sometimes we do what the mind wants, not what the body wants, and we pay for it later.

Most yoga–most exercise really–is meant to work the muscles. Yin yoga, however, works (stretches the Hell out of) the connective tissue. It’s a part of the body that isn’t used to getting so much attention. I must say, I’ve never felt better. I imagine, in older age, it’s the connective tissue that presents a problem. Not only is this practice making me feel better in the moment, but ideally it’s also preventing arthritis or a hip replacement. I’m listening!