Samara O'Shea

18 Steps Ahead of the New Year

While buying last minute gift bags and wrapping paper at CVS on Christmas Eve, I grabbed a copy of the January issue of O Magazine. Dr. Oz shares a cover with Oprah and the coverline says: “Dr. Oz’s 28-Day Plan to Renew Your Body, Mind, and Soul.” I was hoping to be inspired with some possible resolutions.

Imagine my surprise when I read the list and realized that I already do many of the things he suggests. I’d say I do 18 of 28. Bring on 2012! Here’s the short version of Dr. Oz’s suggestions:

Day 1 Drink Green Tea – Started doing this YEARS ago
Day 2 Indulge in Dark Chocolate – I’m kind of eh about this one. Yes, dark chocolate is good for you, but milk chocolate tastes better.
Day 3 Eat Foods that are Good for your Heart (Salmon, Tomatoes, Garlic, and Lima Beans) – I started eating salmon incessantly a few years ago, so much so that I lost my taste for it. I think if I start eating it again in moderation I might be okay. I am totally on board with tomatoes and garlic. Lima beans–not so much.
Day 4 Forgive Someone – I’ve been working on this one for a year or so–through yoga, meditation and lots of reading. It’s not easy, but it’s necessary. Many have been forgiven and there are still many to forgive.
Day 5 Memorize a Poem – I memorized my first poem my freshman year in high school. I memorized my most recent one in 2009, so I guess it’s about time to memorize a new one.
Day 6 – This one is about sex, I’ll keep the post rated G and not comment =)
Day 7 Keep a Food Diary – This is a good one–a type of diary I have never kept. I’m hoping to lose 20ish lbs in the first few months of the year so hopefully this will help.
Day 8 Exercise, Even if it’s Just 1/2 Hour a Day – In September I started a new job and there’s a gym in the building. I get myself in there for at least 30 mins a workday.
Day 9 Get More Sleep – Done!
Day 10 Meditate – As with forgiveness, I’ve incorporated this into my weekly routine.
Day 11 Don’t Graze Before Bed – I do this and shouldn’t. I LOVE cereal before bed.
Day 12 Know Your Portions – Another thing I could work on.
Day 13 Count Your Paces I walk a lot. Having a pedometer to count how many paces I walk a day isn’t a bad idea.
Day 14 Interview Your Relatives – This means ask about your family’s health history. There’s no history of heart disease in my family. My paternal pop-pop died of lung cancer (smoking) and my maternal grandfather had a stroke. No common thread. It’ll be interesting to see what happens to me and my kin . . .
Day 15 Take the Right Pills – This time last year I was on a daily vitamin kick, and I need to get back there.
Day 16 Calculate Your BMIDone
Day 17 Tweak Your Daily Routine – This one says something about making small switches in your life: from decaff to caff (because caffeine is good for you). Doesn’t resonate with me.
Day 18 Eat Popcorn Instead of Chips – Okay
Day 19 Pack a Smarter Lunch – What I’ve been trying to do is make lunch a bigger meal than dinner, so I have the rest of the day to burn it off.
Day 20 Have the Same Breakfast Each Day – I’d say breakfast is routine for me. I usually eat granola or oatmeal.
Day 21 Purge Your Pantry – Good idea.
Day 22 Call an Old Friend – Or write her a letter!
Day 23 Floss – I’ve been meaning to do more of this for years.
Day 24 Look Before Your Flush – In other words, examine your excrement and make sure it’s not an odd color. Without going into too much detail, I do this.
Day 25 Practice Saying No – Excellent advice! A few times this year I said no when I was tempted to say yes just to avoid feeling guilty. Saying no (when you mean NO) is better. It’s honest, it equals less hassle in the end, and it’s a way to show yourself a little love.
Day 26 Stretch More – Um, yoga!
Day 27 Eat Healthy Snacks – I try.
Day 28 Spread Kindness – I really try!