Samara O'Shea

Daytimer 2012: Better Late than Never

Back in October 2010, I was so on top of the New Year I bought my 2011 Daytimer
well before the holidays. Lightning didn’t strike twice. This year I was way behind and hadn’t purchased one by mid-January. I kept reminding myself to buy one NOW–it’ll be cheaper. Finally yesterday, I bought my Daytimer at Barnes & Noble. It was not less expensive, however, because the Daytimer dates are from March 2012 – August 2013. How amusing that people sat down and expected procrastinators, like yours truly, to not buy their calendars until the end of February.

In any case, I have it and I am happy with it. Daytimers are like journals for me. I write so many notes and random thoughts that they are worth holding onto when the year is complete.