Samara O'Shea

Missives with a Mission

Do you have tissues nearby? You might need them. . .

Following my interview on WPR , I received an e-mail from Brian in Michigan introducing me to Paperworks Studio. Paperworks is a card company with not one but two incredible missions.

Mission 1. The gorgeous cards are made from recycled materials including coffee (yes coffee), denim, flowers, and wool. The cards are also acid free.

Mission 2. The cards are created by a team of artists with special needs and disadvantages. Paperwork Studio is their positive entrance into the working world. This experience helps build confidence and gives the artists a sense of independence and pride in their work. Take a look:

Brian was generous to send me a few of the cards, and they are all they promise to be–unique, charming, and very usable.

The one on the left is my favorite. It’s called Mocha and made with recycled (you guessed it) coffee grounds. I’m not certain of the material used to make the one on the right, but the package says “recycled” and the color is lovely. (The photo isn’t doing it justice).

The card on the left is made of wool (yes, it’s fuzzy) and the card on the right is made of denim. Excellent use of these materials I say. From the site, I also adore these Marbled and Groovy cards. They remind me of summer. Paperwork Studio – keep up the wonderful work!