Samara O'Shea

The Sound of Solitude

There’s a great article in The Atlantic called The Sound of Solitude. The writer points out that we intrinsically seek solitude but we paradoxically use noise (such as an iPod) to escape and separate ourselves from the crowd. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to unplug, which makes it that much more important. Here are the quotes that stood out to me:

“In our eagerness for a semblance of solitude, we’ve lost much of what made solitude traditionally valuable: peace and quiet.”

“It’s high time we seriously consider what effect the sound-culture is having on our self-awareness and faculties of thought.”

“Developmental psychologist Lorraine Maxwell has found that excessive noise causes stress in school children and impairs their attention and memory.”

“As a culture, we are now afraid of silence, and hold suspect those who indulge it. . .But only in silence can we learn to think often and well.”