Samara O'Shea

Un-break My Heart

Last week I wrote a letter on behalf of someone with a broken heart. When our exchange was finished I offered to suggest some books that I thought might help. (I didn’t want to volunteer the titles without her wanting me to). She took me up on my offer. I list them here now, too, in the event anyone passing by has a broken heart.

I should note that these books are insightful for us all–whole and broken hearts alike. Each book focuses on self-awareness and that will have a positive personal impact regardless of relationship status. The first two books are man friendly and the last one not so much. Although there is plenty of good advice for any person regardless of gender, the title just leans toward the feminine. You know what, who cares?! No one has to know what you’re reading!

1. The Mastery of Love – This book is simple in the way it’s written and profound in its message. It’ll take you two days to read if you plough through. It’s more about self-love than romantic love and it emphasizes that no love is possible without genuine self-love.

2. Calling in the One – This is a workbook. Every day for 49 days (seven weeks) the author has you do an emotional exercise (involving journaling, meditation, etc.) to help you get closer to yourself and understanding your past behavior. I find the promise of the book “7 Weeks to Attract your Soulmate!” to be cheesy, but the book itself is fantastic.

3. The Single Woman’s Sassy Survival Guide – This is a Kindle only book (totally worth buying a Kindle for!) The author, Mandy Hale, has hit the nail on the head with how to mend a broken heart and heal in a proper (non destructive) way–so you’re ready for love when it comes along. She’s full of energy and gives great advice.