Samara O'Shea

None of my Business

“As an actor and woman who, at times, avails herself of the media, I am painfully aware of the conversation about women’s bodies, and it frequently migrates to my own body. I know this, even though my personal practice is to ignore what is written about me. I do not, for example, read interviews I do with news outlets. I hold that it is none of my business what people think of me. I arrived at this belief after first, when I began working as an actor 18 years ago, reading everything. I evolved into selecting only the “good” pieces to read. Over time, I matured into the understanding that good and bad are equally fanciful interpretations. I do not want to give my power, my self-esteem, or my autonomy, to any person, place, or thing outside myself. I thus abstain from all media about myself. The only thing that matters is how I feel about myself, my personal integrity, and my relationship with my Creator. Of course, it’s wonderful to be held in esteem and fond regard by family, friends, and community, but a central part of my spiritual practice is letting go of otheration. And casting one’s lot with the public is dangerous and self-destructive, and I value myself too much to do that.”

~ Part of Ashley Judd’s response to the recent speculation regarding the cosmetic work she’s had done on her face. Here’s the whole essay.

4 Responses to “None of my Business”

  1. Limner Says:

    So, why did she write this if she is so removed from such negative, undignified otheration? Bless her heart. I have always liked her. I hope she can let go of the negative parts of fame.

  2. Samara Says:

    You make a good point Limner. If she truly didn’t care what others thought then there’s no need for this reaction. However, arriving at that point where you really don’t care (in your core) what others think is difficult. It takes years to master if it’s mastered at all. I hope Ashley arrives there someday. I hope we all do!

  3. Theresa Says:

    What the heck is “otheration”? I appreciate much of the letter, but it seems to have been written with a bent toward 50 cent words, perhaps in an attempt to impress. It mostly confuses and muddles the mind. Make your point, clear and concise, and it will be heard.

  4. Limner Says:

    Well, I guess she could have said, “Kiss my butt,” and been done with it. She’s still attractive, so I wouldn’t even care if I looked like her. 🙂

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