Samara O'Shea

The Silver Lining

As the saying goes: Every cloud has a silver lining. The first silver lining (there may be more) of my malware experience is an e-mail I received from the lovely JoAnna Haugen. JoAnna, if you recall, is the creative mind behind The 52 Letters Project. She e-mailed asking for my address—saying she couldn’t retrieve it from my site because of the malicious malware message. If she had retrieved my address directly from the site she would have sent a letter to my PO Box. This is fine except I only get to it every 4 months or so. (I need to get a new PO Box closer to my new home, alas that hasn’t happened yet). In any case, I gave JoAnna my street address and received a charming letter last weekend. I look forward to sitting down this weekend and writing my response. This pleasant exchange wouldn’t have happened until late September (or thereabouts) if not for the malware!

JoAnna’s letter made it all the way from Nevada with this cute little guy (or gal) intact.

And the stationery itself is adorable!