Samara O'Shea

Back to School

Last March I announced that I was about to start a new job. I am now happy to share the details. For the past few months, I’ve been working at Temple University as an administrative assistant, and I’m about to take advantage of their tuition remission benefit. Therefore I am also happy to announce that I’m going back to school in the fall.

I’ve been accepted to the Master of Social Work (MSW) program with a scheduled graduation date of May 2015. I know it’s probably not what you expected. An MFA or advanced degree in journalism is what people expect from me. This path, however, feels 100% right. My end goal is to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). A LCSW is a social worker trained in psychotherapy who helps individuals face mental health issues and personal problems aiming to improve overall life satisfaction. In other words, a therapist.

Fear not, I will still be a writer. I will ALWAYS be a writer. This degree is going to round me out in ways I cannot imagine. I’m certain it’ll make me a better writer while giving me a whole new skill set in the process. I’m super duper excited!

And now for the bad news: I’m going to stop blogging. The time has come. I am going to leave LetterLover up because there’s information here I think passersby might find useful. I’m also going to continue the letter-writing service (schedule willing). I’ll still be on Twitter & Facebook. I’ll also try to write for The Huffington Post every few months. I’ll be around—just not here. In three weeks or so I’ll post one final blog welcoming people to the site, inviting them to look around, and explaining where I’ve gone. Thank you all for visiting my little corner of the Internet these past few years! I am endlessly grateful. I have no idea if I’ll blog again after graduation. We’ll see what the world is like in 2015. . .