Samara O'Shea

The Raven

I am interrupting my hiatus to share a video art project I mentioned a while back. I teamed up with two good friends and we had some fun with Poe’s most famous work: “The Raven.”

Below is a description of the project and below that is the video itself. If you have a moment to stop by the Vimeo page and leave a comment it would be greatly appreciated (by me and Poe). Don’t worry, we didn’t cut the poem short. We’re only posting two minutes(ish) of the eight-minute video to accommodate short attention spans. Without further ado:

Edgar Allan’s Poe’s supernatural poem “The Raven” gets a 21st-century twist in an 8-minute video by Poker Fairy Tale. Although it was written 167 years ago, “The Raven” is as haunting and relevant now as it was when it was first published. Hidden in the shadows are themes of voyeurism, feminism and how social media enables the descent into modern madness.

Rarely is “The Raven” recited by a woman. Here, the female voice lends itself to emotional cues that might be missed with the traditional male reading. For example, the narrator mentions “smiling” twice in the poem leading listeners to believe s/he is more manic than melancholy. Filmed in the attic of the Church of the Holy Trinity in Philadelphia, PA the decaying exterior represents the narrator’s emotionally rotting interior.

Created by Samara O’Shea, Daniel Meirom & Jennifer Shahade for Features Samara O’Shea as the narrator. Sound mix by Quinn Waters. Poker Fairy Tale is a collection of game inspired video art excerpts created by Daniel Meirom and Jennifer Shahade.

The Raven from Poker Fairy Tale on Vimeo.