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My Ex Invited Me into His Open Marriage

My latest blog for The Huffington Post.

2 Responses to “My Ex Invited Me into His Open Marriage”

  1. Svetlana Says:

    I can tell what the problem is. You are desperate to find a man in your life. You are playing this “I can be your friend” role with man and you won’t reject any means to get a guy. You are inviting yourself to be part of other people lives, suggesting to meet a wife, fiancé or girlfriend just to achieve one goal – keep a man interest. You are the problem in other people relationship. Invite me to meet your “significant other” if you will have one, then we will have an open conversation.

  2. Samara Says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts Svetlana. If you’ll notice I turned down Ward’s offer to spend the night with him. If I were “desperate” to get him I imagine that I would have taken him up on it. As I stated in the article, I have no interest in a physical relationship of any kind with him. I simply wanted to catch up with an old friend. I wrote the article because being invited to sleep with a married ex is a bit of an unusual situation.

    I have many guy friends—both hetero and homosexual. Several of them are married, while others have girlfriends (or boyfriends), and others are single. I cherish my relationships with all of these men because they make my life rich with perspective. Their girlfriends and wives know of my existence and are comfortable with our friendship—most of them have male friendships of their own to foster. If you trust the person you’re in a relationship with and you are secure within yourself there is nothing to fear.

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