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At 4:01 p.m. today I turned in my third book. 70,265 words. Whew. I turned it in a few weeks later than originally agreed upon. This was due to school distractions and also consistently finding I had much to say about topic. I still have more to say. I had to scale back some of the sections. I can look at unrequited love from many different angles–sociological, literary, psychological, and personal.

The new book’s Goodreads page has been posted–the cover you see is not the final cover. I was shown the new cover last week and I’m beyond excited. It’s gorgeous! I look forward to sharing.

My second semester of grad school ended on May 4th. I got two A’s this time–none of that A minus nonsense from last semester.

Last week reader Hope sent me an encouraging article about teens who enjoy letter writing. I was happy to hear from her. The timing felt right. It’s time for me to re-join the world–the blogging world and the real world.

It’s been an intense few months. I am at once grateful for the experience and glad the season is changing…Now onto the editing portion of the program.

7 Responses to “Finished”

  1. Anna Says:

    Gaah, I can’t wait!! I’m SO excited. If you have so much more to say about the topic please write a post (or several posts) about it. I might have to re-read your books again because I miss your writing!

  2. Anna Says:

    Oh and congrats on being such an awesome student. I hope you’re still enjoying grad school.

  3. Samara Says:

    That’s a great idea Anna – turning the excess sections into blog posts! I have one that I might try to turn into a NYTimes OpEd. It’s a long shot, but it won’t hurt to try…

    Thank you for your endless stream of support.

  4. Diego M. Vadell Says:

    Great!! I will buy it ASAP 🙂

  5. Anna Says:

    The NY times? That’s so exciting. It definitely doesn’t hurt to try. Go for it!

  6. Hope Says:

    Samara, I’m thrilled for you! Congratulations on the new book! When I purchase my copy could I send it to you to sign?

    While the current cover on Goodreads isn’t the final, the daisy and/or forget-me-knot looms large in the lexicon of love and seems very fitting. I think when the time comes to hang out your shingle for your practice you might want to think about specifically stating that you specialize in problems and concerns that emerge from unrequited love and relationships. Lots of therapists list relationships (in the generic) as a specialty, but I know that I (and probably lots of others) would be more inclined to contact a counselor who addressed unrequited love issues. I think it speaks to a particular type of relationship and the myriad of ways people get stuck and obsessed. Believe me, I’ve been there, sister!

    Finally, thanks for posting the link. Glad that it interested you as well.

  7. Samara Says:

    Hope, I would be happy to do the mail-exchange-signed-copy thing! Thanks for asking.

    We are on the same page with advertising my practice. Unrequited love is a very specific relationship issue and I would like potential clients to know that I am equipped to address it. It’s funny, in school everyone asks, “What population do you want to work with?” Answers range from addicts to prison inmates to the LGBTQ community. I have yet to say, “I want to work with the unrequited love population,” but it’s what I’m thinking =). I said to my advisor, “I want to have my own practice and whoever comes in comes in. What population is that?” He replied, “That is the general neurotic population.” But I’ll keep that phrase off my services website 😉

    Also, regarding the book cover: the daisy will stay but a few other things have changed…

    Finally, a friend of mine shared the same article that you did with me on Facebook. Great minds think alike!


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