Samara O'Shea

Passing the Torch

A few days after my most recent blog, that declared it’s time for me to end the letter-writing service, I received this e-mail:

I came across your website while researching whether services like the one you provide, or at least used to have the time to provide, existed. For a little bit of my background, I am a 25 year old attorney in New York City with a passion for love and the feelings it inspires. I believe myself to be a romantic. I believe that there is no greater power in this world then love and the way it imposes its power upon all of those subject to it. I sit at work and jot down all of the things I want my girlfriend to know about how I feel about her, and I wonder whether others want to do the same but do not know how to express it. I love what you created and quite honestly when I saw that you discontinued it for your further educational advancements, I immediately thought that it must be continued. So in this rather hastily written email, I suppose I am trying to make an offer to continue doing what you once did.

How fun is this?! We agreed that he will launch his own site, so readers can familiarize themselves with his writing style, and I will gladly promote the site and link to it on my “Order a Letter” page. Of course, this will take some time. I know what it’s like to launch a site with a full time job, and his job–as an attorney–is incredibly demanding I’m sure. This is to say, I’m not expecting a quick turnaround, but I’m excited that he’s offering to carry the letter-writing torch and I had to share. Anyone else want to be a letter writer? I’ll promote you, too. The more the merrier!