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Publishers Weekly

This is a first! Publishers Weekly has reviewed Loves Me…Not! When For the Love of Letters & Note to Self came out, I was told PW doesn’t review “how to” books and that’s why they weren’t considered. Although “how to” is in the subtitle of Loves Me…Not, it’s a more abstract concept in this case. Regardless, they reviewed it and I am psyched!

6 Responses to “Publishers Weekly”

  1. Diego M. Vadell Says:

    Congrats!! :)

    I will buy it ASAP

    — Diego

  2. Samara Says:

    Thanks Diego! It won’t be out until February, but you can certainly pre-order =)

  3. Captain Mike Lambert, USN, retired Says:

    Your return to the blogosphere is a delight to us all.

  4. Samara Says:

    Hi Mike ~ Your return to the comments section is an equal delight! I hope you’ve been well.

  5. Anna Says:

    Ahhh that review is such a tease! I’m beyond excited and can’t wait until Feb.

    Congrats again. Hope school is going well.

  6. Samara Says:

    Thank you Miss Anna! I hope you’re enjoying the holiday madness.

    I turned in my last paper for the semester and the year yesterday. Feels amazing!

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