Samara O'Shea

E-Thank You Notes

A friend of mine sent me a thank you note last week, over email. I’m not judging. I’m praising! She thanked me for the 40th birthday present I gave her, the 4-hour trip I took to attend the party, and she attached photos to liven up the message. I have received more handwritten thank you notes from this friend over the past 15 years than any other friend. At 40, she has two young children and not as much time to hand-write notes. She’ll get back to it in 18 years or so. I understand. The note brightened my day nonetheless.

I must confess: I’ve written a few e-notes over the years. I’m not talking about the practical emails we send all day every day but rather the emotional messages that require a little more thought. It can happen that time is of the essence and it’s better to send an e-message than no message at all. When that’s the case, I turn to Paperless Post.

For example, when my former boss’s father died, she was (understandably!) away from work for a while. I wanted her to know I was thinking of her and sent a sympathy note courtesy of Paperless. She replied with a Paperless thank you. It would have been perfectly acceptable had she not sent a thank you. Alas, it was nice to know my note had been received and appreciated.

Paperless notes are visually stunning. They graphically mimic the act of opening an envelope. It’s the next best thing to an envelope in your hands! When I planned my book party for Loves Me…Not in early 2014, I sent the e-invites via Paperless. It’s superior to Evite not only for the aesthetics but also behind-the-scenes organization (Read: tracking who had and had not RSVPed). Keep Paperless in mind as you plan holiday parties.

Thank you Paperless Post for sponsoring this post.