Samara O'Shea

Whistle(blow) While You Work

“Whistleblowing is really about as American as apple pie. We passed the world’s first whistleblowing protection law in 1778…It’s interesting to read the original language which really conveys the sense that you have an obligation if you’re a public servant to report wrongdoing whenever you see it. I can read you a passage from the law that conveys that…It says, ‘That it is the duty of all persons in the service of the United States as well as all other inhabitants thereof to give the earliest information to congress or any other proper authority of any misconduct, frauds, or misdemeanors committed by any officers or persons in the service of these states.'”

~ Said by Allison Stanger, author of Whistleblowers: Honesty in America From Washington to Trump, on the podcast Today Explained.