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Shallow Thoughts on JLo

Saturday, June 12th, 2021

While I’m sure the haven’t-seen-you-naked-in-17-years sex with Ben was (and is) AHHH-mazing, why can’t she be single for two minutes?! Jen, take six months (at least), process these relationships and your incessant need to be in them. You are beyond gorgeous at 51 and you’re going to stay that way for the foreseeable future. I bet Ben would even wait for you. Having had his fair share of relationship troubles, he’ll support you from a distance. You’ve ended many relationships and handled them all the same way: Clinging to the next guy. Try something different. Intense therapy. An ashram in India. Live in the Alaskan wilderness with your kids for a while. Speaking of kids: Process this with them! They were on the brink of having a stepfather and step siblings. How are they handling this? Especially when the tabloids tell them mommy is in Montana with another man. Elizabeth Taylor is calling from the great beyond, “Be single or your chains will be heavier than mine!”