Samara O'Shea

About the Author

SamaraSamara O’Shea entered mortality on September 22, 1979. Since then, she has worked at several magazines, launched a letter-writing service, and written three books. Her first two books pay homage to the written word and its healing powers: For the Love of Letters and Note to Self. Her third book, Loves Me…Not, is an anecdotal guide to overcoming the dilapidated emotional state of unrequited love. Samara received her Master’s in Social Work from Temple University. She is licensed in the state of Pennsylvania.

Samara’s writing has appeared in Marie Claire, The Frisky, and Main Line Today. Her website and books have been featured in The Sydney Morning Herald, NPR, and The Daily Love. Samara has appeared on the nationally syndicated lifestyle TV program The Better Show as well as Philadelphia’s The 10! Show. She still has the first love letter she ever received and she diligently drinks two cups of green tea every day.