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The Bride Wore Red

Friday, March 10th, 2017

I was watching a documentary about Joan Crawford the other day and a short clip was played from the 1937 movie The Bride Wore Red. The clip was of Joan delivering the following (unrequited love related) line in a feisty, over-the-top manner. I found it worth sharing. I’m sure the line doesn’t work as well without the performance. Still, it’s quite the spell to cast on your unrequited one…

“I want you to marry her, and I want my love to haunt you…to make you lie awake at night, to burn your heart, to make you sick with pain! I want you to think of me and to ache for me. I want never to see you again!”

On Beauty

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

I walked into a convenience store last night and noticed a woman I’ve seen a few times before. She’s tiny and in a wheelchair. Her arms are about half the length of mine, but she has hands. Every time I see her I smile and try my hardest not to stare. It’s unfortunate that staring is the inherent behavior we have to fight against. Also last night, I happened upon this trailer for a documentary called On Beauty. They speak the truth: if we were exposed to people—all types of people—in media images everyday then the instinct to stare would go away. We wouldn’t look twice because these unique and wonderful people wouldn’t be different anymore, they would be what they are: fellow human beings.