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Royal Letter

Friday, May 4th, 2012

How fun is this? A friend of mine sat down last spring with her two-year-old daughter and wrote to the Queen (of England) telling her how excited they were to watch the royal wedding. A few months later, they received a letter from Buckingham Palace thanking them for their interest. For a child obsessed with the Disney princess series, this is better than receiving a letter from Santa Claus. (You should be able to view the file if you have Adobe Acrobat).

And Now For. . .

Friday, October 21st, 2011

. . .the cutest letter I’ve received all week—courtesy of my 9-year-old cousin Corinne. There is hope for the youngest generation! Bon weekend.



No, Thank YOU

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

I received the sweetest thank you note from Hope Wallace Karney a week or so ago. Hope, the doyenne behind, sent me a belated thank you package, which included several of her gorgeous cards. She was thanking me for participating in her Paper & Pen & Proust series earlier this year. No thank you was needed, I was more than happy to play along. I read the Proust Questionnaire in almost every issue of Vanity Fair. It was fun to participate. In any case, I was glad to receive the spontaneous gift. It’s a nice reminder that it’s never too late to say Thank You! Here are some of the cards:
These cards are elegant on the outside and blank on the inside. The card on the far left says “Congratulations on Finding Your Darcy.” I’m going to send it to friends of mine who just got engaged. They are gay guys and the card is perfect!