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Sample Love Letter

Sample Love Letter

Ah the love letter—one of the most exciting and sometimes the dangerous letters to write. I’m sure some of you are contemplating whether or not to tell your main attraction how you really feel, in which case I say go for it! If love isn’t worth the risk then nothing is, and at least you can say you were brave enough to try. For others of you, coming clean about how you really feel is probably long overdue. I suggest making love letters as specific as possible—from the way his hair looks in the morning to the cute way she holds her coffee cup. Specific equals special and unique—making it so this person is literally the only person ON THE PLANET who could receive such a sentiment from you.

Okay so I had a little fun with this mock letter. Yes, it’s from a prince to a princess. I’ll tone it down for you though. Please read with a sense of humor.

To: Princess Aurora (from Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty)
From: Prince Phillip
Circa Once Upon A Time

Dear Aurora,
I remember it clearly: I was out for my morning ride. Enjoying the time to myself and fearing my return to the kingdom—where there’s nothing for me but pretentious lords and tedious stately affairs. And then came the pivot in my morning, my day, my life—your voice. It was brilliant and clear. You were singing casually and I was captivated. I had to find the creature who could create such a sweet sound. While I closed my eyes to follow your song I decided that was it—nothing could be more beautiful then that magnificent vibrato. I was wrong. I saw it then and I see it now, that voice is only one small piece in a puzzle that comes together to form the most incredible woman I have ever known. When I finally came upon you and you friends I thought I was dreaming. Our first meeting was perfect, and I had to do more than just see you again—I had to have you.

You can imagine how upset I was when I went to visit you that night and Maleficent was there waiting to capture me. At first I was enraged, but looking back I’m glad she came between us. Because I know now that nothing—not 1,000 burgeoning thorns around the castle or the fiery breath of a witch-turned -dragon—could come between us.

When I found you in the tower I knew immediately that one of two things would happen. I would kiss you and you would wake, and we’d be us forever. Or I’d kiss you and, to the death of my soul, you’d stay asleep meaning I wasn’t the one you loved. If that had been the case Aurora, I would have spent the rest of my life in the tower watching you sleep; watching your body rise and fall with every breath and constantly praying that your dreams were pleasant. But to the justification of my heart and soul I did kiss you and you did wake. I look forward to waking up beside you and sneaking up behind you as you sing—as I did that first time—for the rest of our lives. I love you Aurora.

Now and always,