Samara O'Shea

Jessica Simpson’s Mood Journals

Between reading back issues of New York magazine on the beach this past weekend I indulged People with Jessica Simpson on the cover. The publication is like rock candy—no substance but oh so good. Before talking about her new country album and before admitting that yes, some of the songs on that album are about John Mayer, Miss Simpson talked about her different colored journals. She has black and blue books for when she’s feeling down, but lately she’s only been writing in her pink diary because she’s madly in love (with Tony Romo).

Keeping different colored journals isn’t something I see myself doing, but since I advocate everyone keeping or creating journals that work best for them I gladly share this method with you in case it’s one you might consider. I think a stack of colored journals by one’s bedside could serve an honest reminder that our emotions are set on spin cycle—meaning they’re always coming back. There will never come a day when sadness says, “Well, we’ve spent enough time together. I won’t be seeing you anymore.” Or when anger gives his final resignation. I find when I allow unpleasant emotions to run a full course through me—in other words I don’t deny that I’m feeling them and I try to feel them fully by listening to music or writing in my journal—then I am granted happiness and certainty for much longer periods of time.