Samara O'Shea

The Tremendous World I Have Inside My Head

I’m feeling mighty grateful right now because there have been a handful of bloggers who’ve kindly written about me and my book this past month. In the name of “Doing unto others . . .” I’d like to shout out a great blog (and fellow blogger) I just read about Writing As Meditation by Susan Smalley.

She sums up part of the written-word experience:
I often study my thoughts and feelings through writing and I doubt I can destroy my journals either; the words seem to have a life of their own. It will likely be left to my children to wade through the pages – throwing most away but perhaps saving a few words of wisdom found among the morass. With age I’ve come to see the wisdom we all share and the barriers we create to hide it from ourselves. In writing it can often be revealed. A wise person knows he knows but does not profess it. He writes in ways to be forgotten but time yields to their discovery.

I have every intention of shouting out my fellow authors, too. Stay tuned!