Samara O'Shea

Joss Stone’s Ode to the Break-up Letter

Watching one YouTube video always leads to another, leads to another, and leads to another. I don’t remember what I went to YouTube for initially, but the unintended video I came across today was Joss Stone’s You Had Me. I love the song and have seen the video before but don’t remember a break-up letter playing such a prominent roll. This time I noticed and thought I’d share.

Many people think lowly of break-up letters. The rule of thumb is that everyone deserves a face to face break-up. Not to knock the face to face thing—it is admirable and bold. Let’s be honest though, not everyone has the audacity to do it. I’ve had guys end things with me by not ending things at all. They just disappear with no explanation. In that case then, yes, I think the break-up letter is gallant. In the Joss video case, I think she just needs to get out and get away from this guy as soon as she can and decides a letter is her ticket.