Samara O'Shea

Neither Snow, Nor Rain, Nor Recession . . .

I fear someday we’ll talk about the postman the way we talk about the milkman: Isn’t it weird? Someone used to come to your house every day and actually deliver . . . mail! The Post Office announced today that it might need to go down to delivering only five days a week as a big bad cost cutter. I support this motion if it means cutting back hours rather than eliminating jobs completely. And I say we rally in support of the good ole USPS. For their years of service—delivering paychecks, summer camp letters, college applications, and postcards way back when the only was to send them was through the post office.

How about this: If you have something to send but it doesn’t need to arrive tomorrow then you send it through the post office. If it’s a gift or a note and time is not necessarily of the essence then let our friendly mailmen and women take care of it. If USPS cuts back one day and we up our sending of thoughtful, thinking-of-you parcels then we might get to keep this great institution.