Samara O'Shea

Dear Mr. or Ms. Producer

I forgot to wish everyone a happy tax day in my earlier blog post. Happy tax day everyone! This day also marks the half-month mark. I’m gonna keep going with this letter-a-day thing. . .

Today I am writing a letter to—don’t laugh—the producer of a reality TV show. Yes, I’m sending in an audition tape. The person producing my tape suggested I write a letter, read it aloud, and he’ll provide the compelling visual. I love the idea of writing / reading a letter because it’s so—me! I’m not going to say which TV show it is because I don’t want to jinx my chances—even though I already know it’s unlikely to happen. This is not something I have my heart set on. It’s just a quirky idea that I’ve decided to go with. If the audition reel comes out in actuality the way I have it in my head then I’ll post it on YouTube. At least then it wouldn’t have been a complete waste of time.

Wish me luck!

April is National Card and Letter Writing Month, and I’ve vowed to write one letter each day. Also, please check out the essay contest I’m hosting with