Samara O'Shea

Weekend Letter-Writing Round Up

Spring has sprung! It was a gorgeous, well-deserved weekend here in Philadelphia. I hope the same was true of every elsewhere in the country. It was a very productive weekend for me in many ways. Not the least of which were the three letters I wrote:

Friday – I wrote to my former boss and good friend Zazel. She was my first boss in a career job. We worked at Country Living Gardener together. She was the Lifestyle editor and I was her trusty assistant. When the magazine folded–a year and a half after I started working—she and I had lunch together every day until we found other jobs. We got along that well!

Saturday – Yesterday I wrote to my other cousin Kate. I have two! Kate lives in Minneapolis, and I don’t see her nearly as often as I’d like. We were very close when we were young. Kate showed me the book Are you There God, It’s me Margaret? as she had a copy, and she was the one who broke it to me that I was destine to have this thing called a period someday. I guess you are always somewhat indebted to the person who told you that . . .

Sunday – Today I wrote to my friend Erica. She moved a few months ago from Miami to Dallas, and we haven’t been able to catch each other since the big change. I’m dying to know the difference—of which there are many I’m sure—between the two cities.

April is National Card and Letter Writing Month, and I’ve vowed to write one letter each day. Also, please check out the essay contest I’m hosting with