Samara O'Shea

Blogging 2010

I sit here sipping ginger tea and anxiously write of my blogging plan for 2010. I have been invited to be a weekly guest blogger for the Web site extraordinare Tranquility du Jour. I first made mention of this site roughly one year ago when I did a podcast with Miss Kimberly Wilson (mistress of Tranquilty du Jour).

This past October, Kimberly put out a call for five guest bloggers, and I auditioned. My blog will appear every Tuesday. It’s called “Keep in Touch Tuesdays” and it will cover (no surprise!) keeping in touch with friends and family via letters and keeping in touch with yourself via journal writing. I know, I know, I’m so predictable. I also plan to cover gift giving and random acts of kindness as they are also ways of communicating with others.

I still plan to blog here at least once a week. I know I’ve gotten off track. Writing everyday was getting to be tough so I took an extended break, and now the idea of once a week (at least) feels good to me. My blogging here will be sporadic whereas my blogging at Tranquility will happen each and every Tuesday for the next six months—as per my gentleman’s agreement with Kimberly. I hope you will join me (and the other guest bloggers) over at Tranquility du Jour, and continue to honor me with your presences at LetterLover. My first blog for Tranquility will be posted on Tuesday January 5, 2010. It’s almost 2010! I am so excited. A new year. A new decade. The possibilities are endless.

At Tranquility, I will concentrate on writing techniques and offer suggestions to get the writing juices flowing. And here, I’ll do what I’ve always done, make random, sometimes irrelevant observations.

P.S. I must thank Joselle once again! I wouldn’t have met Kimberly otherwise. Thank you for putting us in touch. Happy holidays everyone!

UPDATE: The 2010 Bloggers have been unveiled.