Samara O'Shea

My Valentine’s Day Bone(s) to Pick

First things first: Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope everyone has an extra skip in their step due to all the love going around. Today, I received a nice e-card from my sister’s fiancé, and I’m beginning to make plans for a summer girls’ weekend in Montreal. Both of those things have me in a good mood.

On a more irritable note, there are two things that have me a little disappointed. If you don’t care to hear any complaining on V-Day then you are welcome to stop reading now. See you tomorrow! Otherwise:

Two weeks ago I received an e-mail from a reporter named Jill wanting to interview me for an article on love letter writing for the Atlanta Constitution Journal. We had a lovely chat, and she told me she’d mention my website in the write up. The story ran last Friday, and it’s a good piece. There are many varied opinions. Here’s my bit:

Samara O’Shea is a professional letter writer in Philadelphia. In the past five years she’s created about 50 love letters for strangers who either want to “turn it up a notch” on their own halfhearted efforts, or can’t even find a notch to begin with.

“We’re losing our ability to communicate effectively in writing because we’re losing the language itself,” O’Shea said. “There are roughly 600,000 words in the English language, and so many are going untouched now that it keeps shrinking and shrinking into acronyms and emoticons.”

I am miffed that they didn’t mention my website. In the year 2011 “professional letter writer” needs an explanation. It’s not as though there’s one sitting outside every post office—as once was the case.

The article’s antagonist is Michael Fiore who claims that real romance takes place over . . . text messaging. His website was mentioned. Grrr!

My second bone to pick is with Dunkin Donuts. Yesterday, I was walking to a friend’s house and passed a DD. There was an ad for these cute donuts on the door:


Sold! I thought How fun to show up with a half dozen heart-shaped donuts. I walked and requested six heart donuts. I was told they were out. This morning, I went to a different DD—this time to bring the confectionary hearts to work. And again, I was told they were out.

Dear Dunkin Donuts,

If you’re going to advertise the hell out of the heart-shaped donuts, please be prepared to serve them on Valentine’s Day.

Lots of love,