Samara O'Shea

Virtual Acts of Kindness

While thumbing through this quarter’s alumni magazine from Duquesne University (my alma mater in case that’s not obvious), I came across an article about a once friend of mine. When college was over we went our separate ways, and I’ve wondered from time to time what she’s been up to. Attempts to find her on Facebook have been unsuccessful.

What she’s up to—and what the article highlights—are random acts of kindness. She leaves thoughtful, embellished notes of encouragement and small gifts all around town (Pittsburgh) and she’s launched the website Secret Agent L to chronicle her missions. Many people in different cities have taken to becoming her Affiliate Secret Agents, and they’ve got a great thing going on—harnessing both the power of the Internet and the power of compassion.

I like it because it involves lots of letter writing and because spreading kindness is a noble feat if ever there was one. Well done old friend!