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Apology Accepted

Friday, April 15th, 2011

There’s a thoughtful article in this month’s Oprah magazine about forgiveness. In recent years I’ve learned that sometimes it takes as much grace and self-reflection to accept an apology as it does to deliver one. My favorite insights from the article:

~ “Study after study has found that forgiving is good for the body as well as the soul. It can lower blood pressure and heart rate and reduce levels of depression, anxiety, and anger. People who forgive generally have better relationships with others, feel happier and more hopeful, and score higher on just about every measure of psychological well-being.”

~ “. . .there are really only two steps in the process: grieving and letting go. Grieving, after you’ve been wronged, means letting yourself feel the anger, hurt, trauma, in all its original pain—but not indefinitely.”

~ “The decision to forgive touches you to your very core, to who you are as a human being. It involves your sense of self-esteem, your personal worth, the worth of the person who’s hurt you, and your relationship with that person and the larger world.”

~ “Forgiveness, I begin to see, is not about pretending you don’t feel angry or hurt. It’s about responding out of kindness rather than rage. It’s about letting yourself feel the full spectrum of emotions—grief and anger and hurt, but also kindness and compassion. Even toward someone who’s hurt you deeply.”

Simple Pleasures

Monday, December 20th, 2010

What a magnificent four days it’s been. The reading on Thursday night in NYC went very well—video to come. On Friday, I celebrated my friend Rachel’s birthday with a girl’s night out. On Saturday, I headed back to the Greater Philadelphia Area to set up for my mom’s sixtieth birthday party. We actually managed to keep it a surprise! Here’s the cake we got her:


We had a sommelier from The Wine School come and host a tasting. I believe wine is one of the best analogies for life and love. You can’t rush wine. It ferments and comes into its own in time. Not just the wine, but also the vine itself is a good correlation to the well lived-life. A vine can live up to 150 years—as it grows, its roots get deeper.

This has nothing to do with anything except joy in a cup. While I waited at Starbucks for my sister to pick me up, I ordered a Peppermint Mocha—one of my favorite winter concoctions. It normally comes with whipped cream and peppermint sprinkles. This one arrived with peppermint chocolate sauce. I now know what Heaven tastes like. That gorgeously gooey drink was divine.


On Sunday, I rested and wrote Christmas cards. Today, I received an alert that Note to Self was mentioned in the spectacular blog A Beautiful Ripple Effect. All is well, and it’s not even Christmas yet. Blessings abound!

Oh yes – how could I forget?! Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was repealed on Saturday. I rejoiced within as I was running around heating up appetizers for my mother’s guests. A bit of freedom has been restored! The freedom for gay men and women to be themselves.