Samara O'Shea


Disclaimer: Many of these links no longer exist. The internet is forever, until it’s not. I promise these links existed at one point. I’m going to leave this list here just the same.

TV, Radio & Podcasts

~ BBC podcast creator, Cathy Fitzgerald, called to ask what it’s like to be a love-letter ghostwriter. Cyrano for Hire aired on February 13, 2020.

~ Talkin ’bout love on The Better Show on February 22, 2014.

~ Loved chatting about letter writing (always!) on To The Best of Our Knowledge on February 8, 2013.

~ Although I wish I could have traveled to the Netherlands for the February 13, 2010 interview with Dutch Public Radio, I did it remotely from the U.S.

~ On January 28, 2010, Samara had the pleasure of being interviewed by the energetic Baltimore Sun columnist and radio host Dan Rodricks in his studio in Baltimore.

~ On a trip to California Samara was able to stop by Writers on Writing with Barbara Demarco-Barrett, September 13, 2007

~ Samara spent Valentine’s Day on NPR’s the Kojo Nnamdi Show, February 14, 2007

Articles & Blogs

~ Publisher’s Weekly: Book Review December 2, 2013

~ The Sydney Morning Herald: How to Survive Unrequited Love June 26, 2013

~ NPR: An Open Letter … About Open Letters March 22, 2012

~ Crane & Co: Post Script February 16, 2012

~ World of Psychology: Tips To Start Journaling April 4, 2011

~ Real Simple: The Rare Handwritten Note March 19, 2010

~ Felt & Wire: Letter Loving Lady June 22, 2009

~ Phialdelphia Magazine: At Your Service: Letter Perfect January 27, 2009

~ WOW! A Prescription for Positive Journaling August 2008

~ GalleyCat: It’s the Little Things That Keep Agents Happy August 7, 2008

~ GalleyCat: How-to-Journal Writer Gets Crucial Ex-BF Endorsement July 2, 2008

“Samara, people should let letters enhance their lives, particularly the ones they write.”
—Helen Gurly Brown

“Samara O’Shea is hilariously original, witty and imaginative, both in the hypothetical letters she sketches and in the ones she really has written or deconstructs for our benefit. For all of us left emotionally bereft in the age of the cursory email, O’Shea vividly revitalizes the magic potency of the letter. If only we were all so skilled with the pen.”
—Vicky Ward, Vanity Fair Contributing Editor

For the Love of Letters could transform the most technologically addicted among us into old fashioned letter writers, and Samara O’Shea is the guardian angel of this almost lost art. Think Suze Orman and personal finance or Emily Post and etiquette. The name Samara O’Shea is destined to become synonymous with letter writing.”
–Samantha Ettus, Creator of The Experts’ Guide book series

“Samara O’Shea has outdone herself with her own passionate love letter to the written word. For the Love of Letters takes readers on a guided tour through epistolary history—including the author’s own—and shows exactly when and how to craft a letter that will get your every emotion across. Sensual and bold, O’Shea bares her soul in this book, serving up letters that will make you wish you’d received even one displaying such strong emotion. In our text-message-mad era, she revives what’s become largely a lost art.”
—Rachel Kramer Bussel, Village Voice “Lusty Lady” columnist